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Support Information

For assistance or spare parts call to:

ENRICO B.               +39 3356679819
ING. ANDREA S.      +39 3666689143
ING. PAOLO M.        +39 3356679837

Or write to enricob@dottotrains.com or customercare@dottotrains.com giving the following informations:
•    Chassis number *
•    Photos of pieces you need or about the problem
In case of request for spare parts:
•    Company informations
•    Place of goods delivery (if it's different from your company address)


* You can find the chassis number directly on the train, in specific plates,

as shown below:







The chassis number can be found inside the cabin under

the dashboard, or externally on the back of the frame.








The chassis number can be found externally, in the front of the chassis.












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