Dotto's eco-friendly electric trains.

The new Dottobus. Eco-friendly by nature. Environmental awareness and protection has always been a key part of the DOTTO TRAINS philosophy and this led to the creation of different lines of electric trains that maintained the same reliability, easy handling and efficiency for which DOTTO TRAINS is renowned.
A new line: Funny Trains

The brightly coloured trains with fun, appealing designs that look just like cartoon characters. This line was primarily designed for amusement parks but Funny Trains are also ideal for holiday villages and resorts.
The TM970 was launched, a train with an aerodynamic design that is also perfect for modern cities.

DOTTO TRAINS designed and built more advanced and technologically sophisticated models that suited every type of setting to meet the needs of increasingly demanding markets.
The first electric train was launched

Understanding the importance of environmental awareness and protection led DOTTO TRAINS to build an electric version of the Muson River line so you can rediscover the thrill of travelling through the countryside while savouring the rich and varied landscapes around us.
The first road train for adults was launched.

What initially began as a children’s attraction now became a means of transport used in parks and many other places. It wasn't long before Dotto trains began to be sold outside of Italy as well.
The first road train was launched

1966 marked a very important turning point in the history of these small trains, which had only run on rails until now. “Freeing” the train from its tracks transformed it into a completely versatile means of transport that could now be used for an amazingly wide range of different purposes.
Ivo Dotto built the first engine driven train on rails as a hobby.

The allure and success of this little train were proved by the increasing number of children who stopped and glued their noses to the fence every day to watch it in action, ever hopeful that they might be lucky enough to have a ride.

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